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While caring for eyelashes,
Relax with scent
To a long and delicate finish
It is a long type mascara containing a lot of fibers. Smooth liquid separates each eyelashes and leads to an attractive eyes.
One of the representative materials of shiro, Gagome Kombu Extract (* 1) and Yuzu essential oil (* 2) flavored at the moment of attaching, gives moisture to the eyelashes and Hari / Kosi.

Gagome Kombu realized longer eyelash by using it together with mascara base. Since it is a film mascara that can be turned off with warm water, the burden on eyelashes is also minimal. You can also use those who do eyelash extensions.

Enjoy the comfortable Yuzu 's fragrance and the colorless kombu mascara while protecting the cuticle.

* 1 Gagome root extract / moisturizing ingredient * 2 Yuzu peel oil / fragrance, skin conditioning ingredient


8A02 Dark navy
Dark navy with a cool impression.

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