White is inspired by the scent of holding full of lovely and pure white flowers such as white lily, lily of the valley, and jasmine in both hands. The main floral fragrance is complemented by the refreshing fruity notes of white tea citrus and apple to enhance the sense of transparency and cleanliness.

White lily, lily of the valley, jasmine, and other white flowers are combined with the transparency and purity of SHIRO's perfume. You can enjoy the change in fragrance depending on where you wear it, such as around your neck or on your arms.

Lasting hours: 5 to 6 hours

・For a stronger fragrance, use it on the wrists, neck, or behind the ears, where the fragrance can be felt more easily near the face.
・When you want to enjoy the fragrance at home, we recommend using it around your ankles, inner thighs, and waist.

Size: 40mL
This product is without paper box

Spray an appropriate amount about 15cm away from the skin.


・Can I spray it on my hair or clothes?
→No. As alcohol is used, there is a risk of damaging your hair and clothes, so please avoid applying it directly to them.
To enjoy the soft fragrance in your hair or on your clothes, we recommend spraying it once or twice in the space and passing under it.

・How long does the eau de parfum keep its fragrance if it is stored unopened?
→The eau de parfum is manufactured to retain its quality for up to three years in the unopened state.
To prevent deterioration, please use the product as soon as possible after opening.
We recommend avoiding high temperatures and humidity for storing.

・Can the products be shipped overseas?
→Please contact the shipping company for more information.