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With a gorgeous scented essential oil blend
Relax & clear to your skin
Simple prescription bath salt blended sun-dried salt and essential oil dried with sun's sunlight. The bathing effect not only promotes perspiration, but also to the skin moist with moisture by the action of minerals contained abundantly.

A gorgeous scented rose bouquet blended with essential oils such as damask roses, Palmarosa, lavender and eucalyptus. It is recommended for those who want to lead to a healthy clear skin, and to relax the mind with the scent of flowers.

[Bath Salt recommended all the year]
Spring - summer: A hot season that tends to be done with only a shower. Because the body is tired by the difference in temperature due to too much cooler and cold drinks, it is clear that sweating firmly with a lukewarm bath.

Fall - Winter: To relax the cold and stiff body and slowly warm your body, bath salts with abundant mineral are effective. Because it is a season when metabolism gets worse, if you take a bath slowly, your skin moisturizes smoothly.

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