Spread a pleasant scent in your space.
Dedicated container for fragrance diffusers

The name of "Room Fragrance" has been changed to "Fragrance Diffuser" and the container, liquid refill and the sticks are now sold separately.
A dedicated fragrance diffuser container that is not disposable and can be used for different scents.

Enjoy using the fragrance in your room by pouring the liquid in the container or use the container according to your lifestyle such as storing small items inside it.

*Sticks are not included.

"Fragrance Diffuser Liquids" for refilling the glass container can be purchased from the "DIFFUSER CATEGORY ITEMS" below.

・Diameter 67mm x height 105mm (approximately 265mm in height with the stick inserted)

<Recommended usage>
・Can be used as a flower vase.
・You can use it as an aroma glass by dropping a few drops of aroma oil on the cotton or stone in the container body.
・You can also enjoy candles and use it as a candle holder.
*Please be careful not to expose the container to fire directly.

・Can I purchase it as a set with a container?
→ Yes, it can be purchased as a set. Please click here.

・What are the containers and sticks made of?
→ Fragrance diffuser liquid: 100% waste plastic is used.
Fragrance Diffuser Stick: Uses waste plastic.
Fragrance diffuser glass: Glass is used for the container, and aluminum for the lid.