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Train your skin SKIN CARE, begins
Herbal water to train your skin with the power of plants.
We selected 15 types of herbal extracts carefully selected, such as Ezo yogurt (* 1) distilled only in the period when flowers bloom once a year in Hokkaido. Fluctuation Prevents skin and rough skin, and prepares your skin with herbs' blessings.

Please use every day aging care (* 2), where you care about your skin as well as your face, such as cleaning after sunburn and insect bites, scalp roughness. It is a herbal care water that trains your skin by using it everyday. At first you may feel a sense of tingling, but keep on using, you can feel that your skin is in place.

* 1 Ezo yomogi / skin texture ingredient * 2 Aging care / Caring according to age

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