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Even in the morning and sleeping.
24 hours to skin that protects skin and is hard to get burned
Sun care lotion of emulsion type combining ultraviolet care effect.
It is different from the sun care which is necessary to wash away with cleansing etc., the idea is different, titanium oxide · zinc oxide free, plant ingredient is a new sense of sun care protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays.

As well as in the morning, even using it for evening SKIN CARE , we plant skin ingredients that act like a filter while nourishing moisture to your skin and nurture bare skin that is not susceptible to damage from ultraviolet rays.
Even though it is used every day, it is fresh and does not feel stressed on your skin. Your skin will be glossy enough to use and protect your skin from UV radiation during the day. We recommend you to use it at the very end of the SKIN CARE step.

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