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Cleansing balm with mellow feeling.
To the skin moisturized to the extent you use it.
Tamaneu oil(*1)And licorice extract(*2)It is a cleansing item that blends rich beauty ingredients, such as cleansing items that will lead to clearer moisturizing skin as you use.

An exquisite texture that melts smoothly like a SKIN CARE cream on your skin and you can feel the moment of bliss. Draining unnecessary horny and so on with soft dirt while softening, washing up leads to fine bare skin with moisture and moisture.

It is a cleansing balm of a new sense that the skin rejoices with comfort that forgetting to cleansing.


* 1 Tamanu Oil (Terihaboku seed oil)
Tamanu grows from ancient times and can be called a "sacred tree". It contains abundantly carophiloid that protects the skin, oleic acid with high cosmetic effect, linoleic acid, brings moisture to the skin, and it arranges. (Moisturizing · skin texture)

* 2 Ural licorice root extract
Plants that have been used for health since ancient times, famous as Wannian plants. Glycyrrhizic acid contained in the roots has a high effect of protecting the skin and keeps the skin healthy. (Skin texture)

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