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I packed plant extracts abundantly.
Two layer type high humidity oil essence liquid
It is said to be a sacred tree on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, combined with Tamanu Oil (* 1) used for health and beauty. We also blended luxurious materials including abundant beauty ingredients such as Hokkaido drinking cake (* 2), Japanese plant ginseng (* 3).

Moist and moist texture like wearing moisture veil thinly on the skin surface while penetrating the skin and the skin of the skin.
It regains the power to try to become beautiful natural to the skin natural, prepares the texture, to a smooth skin with transparency.

* 1 Tamanu Oil (Terihaboku seed oil)
Tamanu grows from ancient times and can be called a "sacred tree". It contains rich in carophiloid that protects the skin, oleic acid with high cosmetic effect, linoleic acid, brings moisture to the skin, and it arranges. (Moisturizing · skin texture)
* 2 Alcohol
Kobayashi Shuzo's liquor made in Hokkaido with a tradition of over 140 years is used. The grace of rice and koji gives moisture to the skin and leads to the skin with a soft texture. (Moisturizing)
* 3 Ural licorice root extract
Plants that have been used for health since ancient times, famous as Wannian plants. Glycyrrhizic acid contained in the roots has a high effect of protecting the skin and keeps the skin healthy. (Skin texture)

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