We bring happiness to the world by facing our creativity and honesty with our creations.
All of our work is the simple but certain philosophy; “to deliver the good to as much people as possible”.
We vow that we are committed in facing the rich blessings of the earth when creating only what we really want to use ourselves. We sincerely do what is right for the people, earth, and society.

    We create products that we want to use ourselves every day.


    We seek the finest natural sources and create our products with ingredients we find ourselves.


    We research ingredients in our own laboratory and investigate how to maximize the power of natural ingredients.


    We partner with farmers who produce the best quality of sources sustainably.

It all began in Hokkaido, Japan, where land is fertile and natural resources are abundant.

We started in 1989 as a souvenir shop, harvesting herbs and making gifts using local resources and ingredients.
In 1998, with our ample knowledge of local ingredients, we began distributing ingredients and resources to a number of household name beauty brands. We're proud to have been involved in everything from R&D to manufacturing of products for more than 130 brands. During that period, we saw tremendous business growth, but, at the same time, we felt pressure to reduce costs from the brand side. That led us to reflect on our brand and what we wanted to achieve. We could reduce costs by using more chemical ingredients, but that went entirely against our beliefs.

We create products that we want to use ourselves. In 2009, we founded our own brand to take full ownership of our products and sell them directly to consumers.

For the past 20 years, we have created products inspired by and created with the maximum goodness of nature — from sourcing ingredients to research and development. Today, we are committed to doing the same and to creating and providing even better products to the world.