Dedicated sticks for fragrance diffuser using waste plastic.
The name of "Room Fragrance" has been changed to "Fragrance Diffuser", and the sticks on their own can be purchased separately.

These are dedicated sticks (10 sticks) for the fragrance diffuser.
The key feature is that they are made of plastic waste, and the scent spreads moderately into the space.

Purchase the common container "Fragrance Diffuser Glass Vase" which can be used for any scent and your choice of "Fragrance Diffuser Liquid" from the "DIFFUSER CATEGORY ITEMS" below.

Length of Diffuser Stick: 25.5cm

・Why did the number of sticks change from 12 to 10? Does the spread of the fragrance change? → The number of sticks has been changed to 10 because the scent spreads better than the previous sticks. Please rest assured that the spread of the fragrance will not be weakened.

・Can I purchase it as a set with a container?
→ Yes, it can be purchased as a set. Please click here.

・What are the containers and sticks made of?
→ Fragrance diffuser liquid: 100% waste plastic is used.
Fragrance Diffuser Stick: Uses waste plastic.
Fragrance diffuser glass: Glass is used for the container, and aluminum for the lid.