Enjoy a fulfilling and relaxing atmosphere wrapped in a fresh scent at your leisure.
It can be used for relaxing in the room, on the desks, entrances and even bedside before going to bed, according to your taste and preferences.

Calming "White Tea" with a deep tea scent in a refreshing citrus tone.

<Recommended Use>
At your desk: When you want to concentrate, put 3-6 drops on an aroma stone to refresh yourself.
Under the pillow: Before bedtime, put 3-6 drops on an aroma stone or tissue to refresh and calm your mind.

<Duration of fragrance>
If you use an aroma stone, it will be fragrant for about half a day.
Enjoy the different strengths of the scent by changing the amount used according to your preference.

Some fragrances in White Tea have been changed since June 2023.
Click here to see the products before the renewal.

Size: 20mL
This product is without paper box

Add 3 to 6 drops to an aroma stone and enjoy the scent. (6 drops can be used for 66 times.)

[Precautions for use]
・As this is a product intended to spread fragrance in a space, it contains a high amount of fragrance. Avoid massaging the skin or using it on areas that come into direct contact with the skin.
・Be careful not to swallow it by mistake.
・We do not recommend using it in a diffuser. It may cause machine failure.
・Add a few drops to an aroma stone or potpourri.
※Fire strictly prohibited


・Is the fragrance significantly different from that before the renewal?
→The new White Tea is not significantly different from the previous version, as the composition of the existing fragrance has been retained. The balance of the fragrance has been changed so that the bergamot in the top note is stronger, and the lemon remaining in the middle to last notes is replaced by a deeper tea that leaves a stronger impression, resulting in a more profound fragrance. Yuzu distilled water has also been added to increase the moisturizing effect.

・Is it possible to purchase the fragrance before the renewal?
→Yes, you can purchase it from the following page. However, it will discontinued as current stock runs out.
Click here to see the product before renewal.

・Can it be used in a humidifier?
→ Please use a dedicated diffuser or aroma pod for aroma oil. Please check the instruction manual of the humidifier to see if it is compatible with aroma oil.

・Is it 100% essential oil (or pure essential oil)?
→ This product is not 100% essential oil.

・Can you ship overseas?
→Since regulations may differ depending on the type of international mail and transportation, please check with the transportation company for details.

・Can it be distinguished from the product before the reformulation?
→ The product with a 1cm bar line near the product barcode will be the product after the renewal.

How to distinguish products after the renewal.