The limited SHEA BUTTER EYESHADOW & HIGHLIGHTER PALETTE will be released Friday, 10 December 2021. Available at all Retail and Online Stores in the UK.

Limited stock, sales will end when stock runs out.

A dazzling sparkle finish that exudes the atmosphere of the holidays.
Using shea butter helps keep the area around your eyes moisturized and fresh.
The highlighter is the gold colour for all three palettes.

A versatile palette design that can be used for daily makeup even after the holiday season.

The pallet container is made of environment friendly plastic-free material.

■ Sparkle Yellow (1K01)
The bright yellow and polarized blue pearls sparkle three-dimensionally.
Gently apply around your eyes and enjoy the subtle sparkle, applied to your eyelashes it can be used as a subtle mascara.

■ Metallic Copper (1K02)
A classic eye shadow that gives an elegant and festive look in one of the most popular metallic colours.
Many fine pearls are added to this SHIRO exclusive like copper to make the metallic texture more vibrant.

■ Nude Rose (1K03)
A natural complexion that creates a sense of well-being.
Plenty of pearls, shimmering glitter, and bright nude colours create a sense of happiness.

It can be used not only on the eyes but also on the cheeks as a soft blush.