SHIRO MAKEUP's Popular Item Renewed: Introducing the new "Komenuka Eye Shadow Cream", illuminating your skin's true charm.

Calendula Eye Shadow Liquid, one of SHIRO's most popular makeup products, has been renewed by changing its main ingredient to Komenuka (rice bran)*1. The new "Komenuka Eye Shadow Cream" will be launched, featuring vivid colouring and shimmering fine pearls to create a loose and seductive eye look, tailored to suit each individual's personality.

SHIRO MAKEUP's best-selling "Calendula Eye Shadow Liquid" has been loved by many customers for its excellent colour reproduction and high adhesion. However, some customers expressed concerns about dryness due to its strong adhesion. To address this, we decided to renew the product to make it more comfortable for daily makeup application while retaining its exceptional qualities.

The texture was transformed from liquid to cream to minimise friction on delicate eyelids. After extensive research, we discovered Komenuka (rice bran)*1, an ingredient that is both moisturising and resistant to sagging, making it ideal for cream eye shadows. This led to the creation of a more potent eye colour, combining the moisturising benefits of Komenuka (rice bran)*1 with excellent colouring and adhesion properties.
The water-based formula is resistant to sebum and smudging, ensuring high colour rendering with the radiance of polarised pearls. Inspired by skincare principles, this colour item can be easily removed with warm water, gentle on the skin. The product has an airy and smooth texture like a soufflé, yet it dries quickly, making it versatile for various makeup styles.

The simple tube type container allows for easy use without any residue left until the end. The narrowed extraction port enables precise adjustment of the amount used, and it can be applied directly to the eyelid to draw a colour line. This design offers the freedom to enjoy eye makeup like painting on a canvas.

SHIRO's unique "Komenuka Eye Shadow Cream", created from the harmonious blend of natural colours and delicate light, will reveal the new charm hidden within you, just as you are.

*1 Komenuka (rice bran) / Moisturising ingredient