Reusable heat-resistant, perfume diffuser glass jar
All scents are common, a particular container for a perfume diffuser made of heat-resistant glass that can be used repeatedly.
Inspired by "a droplet", it adopts a double structured design with a rounded inner container and an outer container with the brand logo.
Since a wall of air protects the inner container containing the liquid, it is not affected by changes in room temperature, allowing you to enjoy the fresh scent for a long time.

*This glass jar can be used for different purposes. The container is sold on its own and the stick are not included.

・Diameter 116mm x height 177mm (approximately 475mm in height with the stick inserted)

・You can remove the inner and outer containers separately and use them according to your preference.
・In addition to enjoying the fragrance by pouring the diffuser liquid, you can use it as a flower vase, valve base, wine decanter, etc., according to your lifestyle and the occasion.