Spread Fragrance to a Wider Space
With an ethical perspective in mind, these diffuser sticks (10 sticks) are crafted from recycled plastic materials. We offer these sticks for separate purchase, allowing you to replace them when adding more liquid or when the scent weakens.

Length of Diffuser Stick: 46cm

Key Features:
・These diffuser sticks are approximately twice the length of typical fragrance diffuser sticks, ensuring the fresh scent reaches every corner of a larger space.
・You can easily adjust the strength of the fragrance by adding or removing sticks as needed.

Additional Information:
・This product is designed for use with our Perfume Diffuser, in conjunction with our Perfume Diffuser Glass Vase and Perfume Diffuser Liquid.
・Please note that 10 sticks are included with the purchase of our Perfume Diffuser Liquid.

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