SHIRO's best-selling "Sake Kasu Lotion" has been renewed with an increased power.
By adding komenuka (rice bran)*1, we have succeeded in doubling the ratio of ingredient-derived extracts*2.
The combination of the penetrating power*3 of sake kasu (sake lees)*4 and the moisturising power of komenuka*1 allows the lotion to quickly approach dry skin.
The sake lees*4 and rice bran*1 extracts are carefully extracted by hand at our own factory.
The pleasant texture and gentle fragrance, achieved by the delicate pressing process, will make your skincare time special.

<The number of times to use>
A coin-size amount used daily, morning and evening, will last for about one and a half months.

Contents: 120mL
*This product does not come in a box.

*1 Komenuka (rice bran) / Moisturising *2 Including extraction solvents *3 Up to the stratum corneum *4 Sake kasu (sake lees) / Moisturising

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Sake kasu and kome nuka ingredients is normally precipitated, so please shake vertically and mix well before use.

Three steps that comfortably blend into the skin, deliver moisture to the keratinized layer, and lead to clear skin*5 that feels as if it has been absorbed by the skin.

Wrapped in a deep, gentle fragrance, it replenishes the skin with the power of rice.
It penetrates quickly into the skin and quickly approaches dry skin.
The more you use it, the clearer your skin will become.
1. Take a coin-size amount of Sake Kasu & Komenuka Lotion and apply evenly to face. Let the deep, sweet, gentle fragrance soothe you.
2. Apply 2-4 pumps of Sake Kasu & Komenuka Serum and hand press firmly.
3. Take 3-6 drops of Sake Kasu & Komenuka Oil-in-Serum and massage gently into your hands to lock in moisture.

Sake kasu from Kobayashi Sake Brewery, Kuriyama-cho, Yubari-gun, Hokkaido

Sake kasu is made from pure rice sake lees from the Kobayashi Sake Brewery, which has a 140-year history and uses sake rice produced in Hokkaido under the slogan "The people who make the sake, the rice, and the water are all from Hokkaido".
After the harvested sake rice is polished, washed, soaked, steamed, and fermented with rice malt and water, "moromi" is produced with a harmonious aroma and flavor.
The water from the mash is pure sake, and the remaining byproduct is sake lees. Sake kasu, a blessing of rice and koji, is characterized by a gentle, soothing aroma reminiscent of amazake (sweet sake).
Containing rich nutrients such as amino acids and minerals, sake dregs quickly absorb into the skin, moisturize it, and lead to a plump, clear skin*5.

*5 Clear skin with moisture

Kome nuka (rice bran) from Yamaten-an, Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture

Kome nuka from "Koshihikari Amore" produced by Sanen-an, which pursues safe and delicious agricultural products using natural recycling-based farming methods, is used.
"Koshihikari Amore", which has soaked up the bounty of the land, is harvested and stored in its brown rice state to preserve its freshness.
Cold storage at a constant temperature keeps the rice fresher longer.
Before shipment, the required amount of rice is selected and milled. Rice bran is generated at this time.
Rice bran is said to contain most of the nutrients found in brown rice and helps to protect skin from damaging.
Rice bran also has the ability to store moisture, resulting in an absorbent and moisturizing effect.