Thank you for your continued patronage of SHIRO.

From 18th August, 2022 (Thursday), SHIRO will review the sales method and product provision method at the SHIRO UK online store to be more environmentally friendly so that you can enjoy shopping more ethically than ever before.

Started selling package-less products
Since 2020, SHIRO has been selling package-less products (“ethical discount”) only on SHIRO online stores and some stores in Japan. This started with the idea of ​​"protecting the forest resources, which are the key raw materials for making paper, by providing the option of not receiving paper boxes which will eventually get discarded."
For a year, we were offering customers to choose whether or not they need their product with the paper box. Many customers have sympathized with our ethical program, and now the percentage of customers who are choosing to buy package-less products have exceeded 80%.

Based on this fact, we will start selling package-less products on our UK online store from 18th August, 2022 (Thursday). As a result, we will stop the production of boxed products (* 1). Considering that paper boxes are for the purpose of protecting products and often get discarded when the products are used, our aim is to protect the forest resources which are the foundation of raw materials for making paper.

Additionally, we will revise the price of the product, by offering a 3% discount from the current price of the boxed product.

* 1 The current boxed products that we still have in stock will continue to be sold at the official online store. As soon as the boxed products get sold out, we will replace them by selling package-less products.