In order to promote our ethical beliefs, SHIRO UK will introduce the new makeup collection from 15th July 2022, offering a wider range of options.

* Currently sold stock will be sold at our online store so that there is no unnecessary waste.

Learn More About New Makeup Collection

SHIRO launched a new makeup collection in Japan September 2021.
From the perspective and idea of ​​minimizing the burden on the earth and protecting limited natural resources, we are focusing on recycling everything. Not only the packaging and appearance, but also the colour design has been significantly upgraded. The small plastic brushes that were included in our old packaging have been omitted to help us reduce our use of plastic. We have created a colour collection particularly for you to enjoy using for a longer period by adjusting the colours according to your mood.


Choose your favorite colour according to your mood.
Choosing colours according to the trend is fun, but SHIRO wants you to value your own choice. A personal choice-based decision is certainly the shade that suits you the most and enables you to show off your unique charm and confidence through SHIRO makeup.