Limited Fragrance Matcha

The limited fragrance Matcha will be released on Friday, 9th  September, 2022. Available at all our UK retail and online stores.

A well-balanced combination of calming green, fresh yuzu, and lemon with gorgeous floral notes such as rose, jasmine and violet. this scent is inspired by the elegant matcha tea ceremony passed down to us since the ancient Japan.
Matcha series include the Matcha Eau de Parfum, which wraps your entire body with its sophisticated fragrance and two lineups of Matcha Room Fragrance which you can enjoy the scent in your room for a long time.
Limited stock, sales will end once the stock runs out.


£49.00/40mL (This product without Paper Box)
A fragrance inspired by the Japanese matcha green tea, combining the gorgeous floral notes with green leaves and fresh citrus.
Enjoy how the scent travels from one note to the other once applied on your skin and its silage depending on where you apply it, such as your neck or your arms.


£92.00/200mL (This product without Paper Box)
The fragrance gently spreads in large settings such as living rooms and bedrooms. This refreshing and calming scent of Japanese matcha makes a peaceful environment at home for you to relax and enjoy.