Limited Fragrance Pear

Juicy Pear scent with bursting with delicate floral notes in the heart.

The Limited Fragrance Pear will be released on Thursday, 22nd September 2022. Available at all our UK retail and online stores.

A combination of the juicy and sweet pear, mixed with fresh lemon, soft floral accords of freesia and lily of the valley, generating a vibrant fruity-floral fragrance.

A refreshing fragrance that combines both gentle sweetness and fruity delights, together.

The Pear series includes the "Eau de Parfum" which would gently accentuate the entire body. "Room Fragrance" which would fill your daily space with your beloved scent. "Fabric Softener" which would leave a faint trace of pear on your laundry, such as clothes and towels.

Limited stock, sales will end once the stock runs out.

£49.00/40mL (This product without Paper Box)

A refreshing fragrance combining pear's fruity notes mixed with elegant floral accords. Enjoy how the scent transcend from one note to the other once applied on your skin and its silage depending on where you apply it, such as your neck, chest or your wrists.


£92.00/200mL (This product without Paper Box)

A fragrance item that fills the air of your room with its pleasant scent. The scent spreads naturally in the entrance, living room and bedroom. The refreshing, fruity scent of pear will lead you to a relaxing space.


£28.00/500mL (This product without Paper Box)

Plant-derived softening ingredients will make your clothes fluffy and maintain water absorbency. You will notice the pleasant scent of pear radiating through your clothes and linen. By smoothing the surface of the fabric, static electricity is less likely to occur. Also dust and pollen are less likely to adhere to the fabric.