Invigoration through the power of essential oils

The Standard Oil Collection will be released on Friday, 14th October 2022. Available at all our UK retail and online stores.

Invigoration through the power of essential oils.
Oil Collection debut, where you can feel the ingredients as they are.

From the SHIRO skincare series, backed by relentless research over the years and by gathering the highest quality ingredients from the Earth, for our products. We are now introducing the oil collection which is packed with the power of natural ingredients as they are. 

The Oil Collection is designed so that you can feel the power of the ingredients as they are.
We discovered a way of distilling the strongest extract possible from each plant.
Depending on the heating and drying time, the cutting method of the material and the amount of time that it has been soaked, the colour and the aroma of the extract may change.
The perfect finale is our beauty oil collection, delivering the power of the plant.

Our skin perceives changes within our body due to the changes in temperature or the stress levels in our daily lives etc.
We have prepared eight different types of beauty oils divided in three categories: “FACE”, “FACE & BODY”, and “BODY” so that you have the option of choosing the one that suits your skin condition and mood on the day.
Whether you had a hard day at work, or seek a special occasion, or just any regular day, why not try to relax your body and mind with a SHIRO oil?

Four types of oil. All have been extracted from different plants and contain diverse essential oils, textures and aromas.
By containing powerful natural ingredients, these products will give you the skin that you’ve been yearning for whilst eliminating your concerns.
It is a lineup that is easy to use for everyone, regardless of whether you’re new to the beauty oils or have been an avid user.

Guardian of the skin

Helps to retain youthful skin
TAMANU OIL    £107/30mL

Revitalizes stressed skin
ST. JOHN’S WORT OIL    £76/30mL 

Grown in the desert with high water-retaining properties


Two types of oil which can be used on the face and body.
We have prepared a generous size which can be used for daily skin care and body massage.

Aids body circulation
YOMOGI OIL    £92/50mL 

Gentle on sensitive skin
FLAXSEED OIL    £54/50mL


Two types of body oils which would nourish the body, soften and moisturise the skin.
If you warm the oil by rubbing your hands and massaging the oil to the skin, the scent of the essential oils and its texture will comfortably envelop your entire body.


Massage and moisturise
HIMASHI OIL    £54/50mL

Massage and refresh
ARNICA OIL    £76/50mL