Two limited-edition perfumes suitable for the holiday season are now available, with four new sub products each.
Two limited perfumes will be released on 18th November, 2022 (Friday).

The Scent of Joy Wraps You in the Bliss.
Delivering two types of fragrances, “JOY WITH YOU” and “FAVOURITE DRESS”.

From SHIRO PERFUME LIMITED COLLECTION 2022, 4 items, 2 kinds of exciting new scents will be launched in limitedquantities during the holiday season.

From winter to spring, we have a lineup perfect for gifts for your loved ones and even as a special treat for yourself.
The elegant and lovely "JOY WITH YOU" expresses the joy and fun in everyday life.
Wear the romantic "FAVOURITE DRESS" when looking extra stylish on a particular day.

The lineup for each scent consists of 4 items: a 50mL perfume, liquid perfume diffuser which creates a vibrant atmosphere, a moisturizing hand soap and a hand serum to nourish the hands.

We hope that you will choose SHIRO products during the festive season to surprise your special loved ones.