Thank you for your patience. After a long spa-break, SHIRO PERFUME FREESIA MIST and INTRODUCTION, will be re-released on Friday, 25th November 2022 with new upgrades.

In accordance to the new IFRA regulations*1, we have reformulated our two fragrances, FREESIA MIST and INTRODUCTION*2. These fragrances have been enhanced and more welcomed by people and their tastes, whilst maintaining the main accords as the original.

50mL £92 / 100mL £131
The balance of top notes of apple, apricot, and bergamot have been slightly adjusted to keep the fruity floral scent with a sense of transparency.
Additionally, we have increased the measure of white flowers drifting on the base note to enhance the lasting power.
Enjoy FREESIA MIST's delicious fresh scent with its even higher longevity than ever before.

50mL £92 / 100mL £131
While preserving the gentle warmth of INTRODUCTION, the sweetness still lingers at the end but with an elegant and calm nuance. Easy on the nose for everyone, regardless of age or gender. A fragrance that naturally blends into each person's life.

*1 The International Fragrance Association
*2 The target ingredient is “Lilial”. The possibility of being an allergen was reported, and the usage limit of ingredient has been changed. However, SHIRO has never received any case reports of health damage caused by these ingredients in SHIRO products.