SHIRO Fragrance SAVON and WHITE LILY Eau de Parfum are available now

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From the popular scents of classic fragrances, the Eau de Parfums of Savon and White Lily will be re-released on December 9, 2022 (Friday).

In accordance to the new IFRA regulations*1, we have reformulated our two fragrances, Savon and White Lily*2. These fragrances have been enhanced and more welcomed by people and their tastes, whilst maintaining the main accords as the original. 

Products other than Eau de Parfum of “Savon” and “White Lily” are scheduled to be released after February 2023.


40mL £49

The new Savon range is finished with a similar composition as the former scent, therefore there is no significant difference.
We enhanced the citrus and fruity accords of the top notes to add more freshness. Additionally, the base note is slightly less sweet, making it easier for people of all ages to use in any season.

The new White Lily range with enhanced core features of the conventional scent, without a significant difference.
We strengthened the lily of the middle note and added a floral scent, such as magnolia, to create a rounder impression overall.

*1 The International Fragrance Association
*2 The target ingredient is “Lilial”. The possibility of being an allergen was reported, and the usage limit of ingredient has been changed. However, SHIRO has never received any case reports of health damage caused by these ingredients in SHIRO products.