Renewed classic fragrances of Savon and White Lily

Thank you for your continued patronage of SHIRO.

We are pleased to announce that the fragrances of Savon and White Lily, which many customers have been using for years, have been renewed from 28th Feburary 2023 by changing some fragrance formulas*1 to make them even more enjoyable.

Savon debuted in 2010, and White Lily in 2013 in Japan.
Since 2015, we have also released a limited fragrance series based on the scent of Savon and White Lily and have delivered it to many customers for about 10 years since its introduction.

In accordance to the new IFRA regulations*2, we have reformulated our two fragrances, Savon and White Lily. These fragrances have been enhanced and more welcomed by people and their tastes, whilst maintaining the main accords as the original.

*1 The target ingredient is “Lilial”. The possibility of being an allergen was reported, and the usage limit of ingredient has been changed. However, SHIRO has never received any case reports of health damage caused by these ingredients in SHIRO products
*2 The International Fragrance Association

Along with the changes in the scents of Savon and White Lily, we have also improved the texture and design of each product so that you can enjoy it even more.


  • Solid Perfume

    Adjusted the amount of Shea butter (shea butter) *3 and add Jojoba oil *4. Moisturizes nails and fingertips and enhances fragrance.

  • Hand Serum

    In order to enhance the aroma, the moisturizing ingredient Sake Kasu *5 has been replaced with Ggagome Kombu (extract) *6. For a smoother texture.

  • Clay Hand Soap

    Aloe vera leaf extract*7 has been replaced with Aloe vera juice*8 for finer texture.

  • Body Milk

    Aloe vera leaf extract *7 has been removed, and shea butter (shea butter) *3 has been added. More enhanced fragrance.

  • Hair Mist

    Distilled Yuzu water (Yuzu peel water)*9 has been added to the formula to enhance the moisturizing ingredients and the fragrance.

  • Body Oil

    More enhanced fragrance. For White Lily only, some ingredients*10 have been removed and the feel of use has been fine-tuned.

  • Body Cologne

    Available in all our UK Stores now.

*3 *4 *5 *6 *7 *8 *9 / Both are moisturizing *10 Flaxseed oil / moisturizing ingredient