Neem Scalp Series

The Standard Neem Scalp Series will be released on Tuesday, 28th February 2023. Available at all our UK retail and online stores.

Turn your daily hair routine into a special time to take a deeper look at yourself. In the "Neem Scalp Series" to be released this time we will propose hair care unique to SHIRO, who feels the blessings of nature and enjoys abundance.

With the desire to deliver products that incorporate traditional wellness and beauty methods from around the world, which have been popular in China, India and Europe for a long time we focused on the tropical plant "neem", which has high vitality and anti-aging properties. We developed a hair care series with excellent effects (*1).

The scalp and hair unknowingly accumulating damage and stress due to sunburn, dryness due to air conditioners, hot and humid weather, sweat and air pollution. Vitality and health of your scalp and hair can be restored by carefully caring for it with special items from our “Neem” range.
We believe in importance to massage the scalp that nurtures it to promote blood circulation (*2), which leads to healthy hair growth. It prepares scalp environment for supple and shiny hair that you can easily pass your fingers through.

*1 Aging care *2 Massage effect

A cleansing oil for the scalp that cleans and removes dirt and clogging of pores.

A serum containing neem leaf extract and flax is applied to the entire scalp and massaged to keep the scalp soft and healthy, and to grow firm and supple hair.

Multi-item that can be used for hair care and styling, and moisturizing hands and whole body.

*Thoes products without Paper Box