Limited Fragrance Sakura 219

The popular annual limited series, "Sakura 219," is now available in limited quantities.

"Sakura 219" was first launched in Japan in the spring of 2012 and has since been available as a limited-edition fragrance every New Year since 2018. This fragrance was inspired by a student preparing for an entrance exam, and we wished her success and a fresh new start, which is reflected in the fragrance's name after 219 trials. The letters printed on the product are a soft, deep, and elegant "Choshun-iro," which means forever spring, a special colour only for "Sakura 219" amongst all other SHIRO products.

To support students preparing for entrance exams and their new endeavours, we have prepared a body mist and hand cream with a subtle fragrance that can easily be used at school or in the office. We have also added a fabric softener to the line-up this year. Due to regulations by IFRA*1, we have changed some of the fragrances2 used in this year's product. However, we have improved the fragrance so that the fruity floral aroma, which is the most attractive part of this fragrance, will last longer.

The gentle scent of cherry blossoms will become your good-luck charm fragrance, gently encouraging you to do your best.


This body mist provides a fresh and moisturizing effect for the body, with a gentle fragrance that spreads softly.

It leaves hands smooth and moisturized. The convenient tube type is easy to carry and can be used on the go.

The plant-derived softening ingredients gently fluff up fabrics that come in contact with bare skin, while also maintaining their water absorbency.


*1 The International Fragrance Association *2 Regarding the target ingredient, "Lilial," there have been reports of its potential to cause allergies, resulting in changes to its usage limit. However, SHIRO has never received any case reports of health damage caused by this ingredient in SHIRO products.

Sakura219 Fragrance Pyramid

TOP: Peach, Green notes, Grapefruit
MIDDLE: Muguet, Jasmine, Laurel
BASE: Musk