Reusable Heat-Resistant Perfume Diffuser Glass Vase
This Perfume Diffuser Glass Vase is made of heat-resistant glass that can be used repeatedly with any fragrance of your choice.
The diffuser glass vase features a double-structured design inspired by a droplet. It consists of a rounded inner container and an outer container adorned with the brand logo. The inner container is protected by a layer of air, making it unaffected by changes in room temperature and ensuring long-lasting enjoyment of your chosen fragrance.

・Diameter: 116mm
・Height: 177mm (approximately 475mm in height with the diffuser sticks inserted)

Key Features:
This versatile glass vase can be used for various purposes.
You can easily remove the inner container from the outer, allowing you to use them separately based on your preferences. This versatility makes it suitable for various purposes such as a flower vase, bulb vase, wine cooler, and more.

・Please note that this container is sold separately from the Perfume Diffuser Liquid and Perfume Diffuser Sticks.

This product will be delivered in a box for product protection.

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