Calendula Eyeshadow Liquid & Ginger Lipstick Glow

Introducing a new make-up range that depicts the beauty of nature. Fascinating with exquisite contrast.  It is a make-up range that expresses the beautiful colours of the natural world, such as the gradation at the boundary between the stem of the plant and the red petals, the soft light of the sun and the sprout that unravels.

The new make-up range will be released Thursday, 13 January 2022. Available at all Retail and Online Stores in the UK.

■ Calendula Eyeshadow Liquid

Contains Calendula * 1, known as the "skin guard man" because of its soothing and calming properties for sensitive skin and preventing blemishes. Long lasting colours stay on skin while moisturising the eyes.

The fine glitter shines in the light, adding a delicate sparkle each time you blink, creating a dramatic impression.

Even with the indispensable daily mask, you can apply a single coat to make your eyes look more attractive. Enjoy using different shades of these beautiful water-based eyeshadows that set quickly on the eyes all year round.

* 1 Calendula officinalis flower extract / moisturiser

■ Ginger Lipstick Glow
■ Ginger Lip Colour Primer


Containing ginger * 1, Perfect for treating dry and chapped lips, making them look more plumped and gives them a beautiful lustre and colour.

Imagine a colour that is easy to adapt to any skin colour and brings out the natural beauty of the rich palette that exist in nature.

Makes dull skin look brighter in the dry season.

With a smooth texture that fits comfortably on your lips with just one rough coat, you can quickly fix it without looking in the mirror.

* 1 Ginger (ginger rhizome extract) / skin conditioning