Notice of Scent Renewal for a Segment of our Fragrance Products

Thank you for your continued patronage of SHIRO.

Under EU fragrance regulation, the current formulations of the Savon Series, White Lily Series, SHIRO Perfume Freesia Mist and SHIRO Perfume Introduction must be amended.

Whilst this may sound disappointing, fear not, as we are working hard to maintain the integrity of the fragrances. It is an opportunity to work with feedback over the years, to develop the scents even more. 

Please stay tuned to our new refreshed products, which will be released after the summer.

The existing Savon Series, White Lily Series, SHIRO Perfume Freesia Mist, and SHIRO Perfume Introduction will be available to purchase until February 28th 2022.

If you have further enquiries about purchasing the existing products, please contact us via

SHIRO will endeavour to deliver products that please everyone.

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The following products are available until 28 February 2022

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Savon Series

White Lily Series

SHIRO Perfume Freesia Mist

SHIRO Perfume Introduction


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