SHIRO's signature Sake Kasu skincare are renewed. Debut of the "Sake Kasu & Komenuka Series" packed with the blessings of rice.

Starting on  May 2023, the Sake Kasu Series, which represents SHIRO's skincare, will be renewed after encountering Komenuka (rice bran)*1.

With the addition to a lineup of a new oil-in serum that concentrates the power of the ingredients, it will be launched as SHIRO's new standard "Sake Kasu & Komenuka Series".
With the launch of this series, current "Sake Kasu Lotion" and "Sake Kasu Serum" will be discontinued as soon as the supply runs out.

Our first encounter with Sake Kasu*2 dates back to before the brand was born. The Sake Kasu series was born when the Kobayashi Sake Brewery told us about the beautiful skin on the hands of the women who pack the Sake Kasu*2 into bags. Then in 2011, Sake Kasu Lotion was introduced.
In 2014, the Sake Kasu Beauty Serum was introduced, and the Sake Kasu Lotion was improved with a doubled concentration of sake kasu*2.

Even after the product became a bestseller and loved by many customers, we repeatedly examined the balance of sake kasu*2 and the method of pressing to pursue the maximization of the ingredient's blessings.

At that time, we were contacted by San-en-an, the manufacturer of the komenuka amazake that we sell at "SHIRO LIFE" in Japan, which selects foods made by producers from all over Japan, that they had some komenuka*1 left over from the rice polishing process. This was our first encounter with komenuka*1.
It is said that komenuka*1 contains most of the nutritional components of brown rice. In the course of making many prototypes to utilize the good of this ingredient, we were attracted to the moisturizing power of rice bran extract, which blends well with the skin and moisturizes it from the stratum corneum, and we hoped for a synergistic effect with sake kasu.

When we think about it, both materials are derived from rice. The combination of sake kasu*2 and komenuka*1 was a return to the original state.
Thus, the "Sake Kasu & Komenuka Series" was born, combining the penetrating power*3 of sake kasu*2 and the moisturizing power of komenuka*1 to lead to clear, moisturized skin*4.
The new lineup includes "Sake Kasu & Komenuka Lotion," "Sake Kasu & Komenuka Serum," and "Sake Kasu & Komenuka Oil-in Serum”.

The new "Sake Kasu & Komenuka Lotion" contains twice the amount of the conventional product, while the "Sake Kasu & Komenuka Serum" contains 1.6 times the amount of the ingredient-derived extract*5.
"Sake Kasu & Komenuka Oil-in Serum” is a luxurious oil serum consisting of two layers of sake kasu and komenuka extract and rice bran oil.

The traditional amazake-like scent has been enhanced with the natural mildness and depth of komenuka, making it a perfect addition to your daily skincare routine.
We hope you will experience SHIRO's new standard "Sake Kasu & Komenuka Series" filled with the blessings of rice.

With the launch of this series, current "Sake Kasu Lotion" and "Sake Kasu Serum" will be discontinued as soon as the supply runs out. Other products in the sake kasu series will continue to be sold.

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*1 Komenuka (rice bran) / moisturizing *2 Sake kasu (sake lees) / moisturizing *3 Up to the stratum corneum *4 Clear skin by moisturizing *5 Including extraction solvents