Starting on June 2023, the Flaxseed Nail and the Kombu Mascara will be introducing new colours.

Flaxseed Nail is formulated with a base of flaxseed oil*1, which keeps your nails healthy and gently cares for your fingertips. Our beautiful colours and excellent quick-drying formula make it easy to enjoy simple single-colour nail looks, layered nuances, or use as a point colour in nail arrangements. The wide, round brush ensures even application across the nail. 

£21/10mL (This product without Paper Box)

From the Kombu Mascara line, three new colours will be introduced with moisturising Gagome Kombu*2 and refreshing Yuzu*3 fragrance. This playful collection is designed to enhance your individuality and charm with a simple addition to your regular makeup routine.
£37/6g (This product without Paper Box)

Create your own unique look freely combining the colours that catch your eye, and be lured by the dazzling sunshine.

*1 Flaxseed Oil / moisturiser *2 Gagome extract / moisturising ingredient *3 Yuzu peel oil / fragrance excipient

For the customer who purchased products that is more than £100(without VAT) and including make up products after the release of SPRING SUMMER MAKEUP 2023, we will present one Flaxseed Nails from "7I01 IVORY", "1I06 COPPER RED", "7H05 TEA GREY", and "7H03 INDIGO".
Please take this opportunity to try these products.
*This campaign will ends after the prepared ammount runs out.