Enjoy the relaxed moment with the clear aroma of matcha tea.

SHIRO's limited fragrance series proposes new scents as the seasons change.
This year, Matcha, with its refreshing green and floral softness, will be available again, giving you a relaxing moment.

Matcha has been familiar in Japan for so long, and we have created a fragrance that blends into everyday life in the hope of bringing you moments of relaxation. Matcha, which combines freshness and mellowness, has a gentle fragrance that is comfortable to enjoy regardless of the season. The clear scent of green overlaps with citrus, while elegant floral notes drift gently through the air.

Eau de Parfum, which can be worn all over the body with its soothing fragrance, and Fragrance Diffuser Liquid, whose gentle scent creates a relaxing space, are available once again. This year, the Scrub Shampoo, which is for your scalp care with a peaceful fragrance. The jar-type Scrub Shampoo is characterised by its bouncy and dense lather. The large and small salt scrubs help to cleanse the scalp of dirt and excess sebum. The shampoo has a subtle green tea fragrance that lingers after washing, making you feel fresh even when you are out.

Enjoy the relaxed moment with the clear aroma of matcha tea.







Matcha Fragrance Pyramid

 TOP: Yuzu, Lemon, Green leaves
MIDDLE: Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Muguet
BASE: Musk, Amber, Cedarwood