The new fragrance products are joining in the series

On Friday, July 7th, SHIRO fragrance will introduce new Body Mist in all standard 5 scents: Savon, White Lily, White Tea, Earl Grey and Kinmokusei. Earl Grey and Kinmokusei will finally have full line-up by welcoming 7 new items including Body Mist. Additionally, White Tea fragrance will undergo a renewal and expansion.

The beloved classic White Tea fragrance, which has been cherished by many customers over the years, will be renewed with a fresh scent.

White Tea is one of the five standard fragrances known for its clean and invigorating citrus and green notes. Building on the experience gained from revamping the fragrances of Savon and White Lily earlier this year, we have decided to enhance the White Tea fragrance, making it even more beloved by a wider audience. This journey of trial and error has begun.

Previously, the dominant citrus note in the top layer was lemon. However, we have adjusted the balance by incorporating more bergamot, resulting in a cleaner and more serene fragrance. Furthermore, the sweetness of the lemon in the top notes has transitioned into the middle and base notes, creating a new balance that highlights the rich tea aroma. As a result, the renewed White Tea fragrance now offers a soothing scent with a profound tea undertone, infused with a refreshing citrus essence that caters to those who prefer a vibrant citrus scent as well as those seeking a tranquil, deep tea aroma, regardless of the season.

The White Tea product range will now consist of a total of 12 items. The two new additions include hair oil and bath salts. The hair oil imparts shine and moisture to the hair, while the bath salts provide warmth and skin hydration in bathwater enriched with South Australian sun-dried salt.

White Tea Range

A moisturizing Body Mist with a delicate fragrance is being introduced in the Savon and White Lily scents, which have already been available in a comprehensive range of products for customers.
Additionally, seven new products will be introduced in the Earl Grey and Kinmokusei fragrances, each thoughtfully crafted to enhance your daily life.

This summer, a full range of fragrance items is now available. We are pleased to offer you an even richer range of fragrances to enrich your life with scent. Take this opportunity to find your favorite fragrance and your favorite item.