SHIRO Dears Collection 2023

Introducing the SHIRO Dears Collection for this holiday season.

Dear our lovely guests, and to the ones you love.
We hope that all the people who come across this limited collection will be filled with joy and make this time of year even more special.

This is a limited perfume series that will envelop you during this holiday season.
We have two fragrances for the SHIRO Dears Collection 2023; SPARKLE HOLIDAY, a fragrance that embraces warm Christmas memories, and BE LIKE YOU, a fragrance that will guide you in finding your spark amidst the illuminating streetlights. We have also prepared two haircare products alongside the Eau de Parfums for this SHIRO Dears Collection.

May this be your special treat at the end of the year, or even a gift for your special someone.
With all our love and thanks, SHIRO.